With over 2.5 billion active monthly users, approximately one-third of the world’s population, Facebook is simply way too big for businesses to ignore. 

As a business operating in any part of the world, let alone Singapore – one of the top tech cities with over 80 percent of its population on Facebook – the benefits of setting up Facebook ads is immense.

Following are the top few advantages of marketing on Facebook:

Boost Brand Awareness

The organic and inorganic reach of Facebook can help further your brand image. By leveraging the detailed targeting options and the pixel tool on Facebook, you can reach out to your target audience and push them forward on the sales funnel.

Enhance Engagement

Posting high-quality content be it blogs, images, or videos and then getting your prospective customers to like, comment, and share can help you build trust and credibility. It, in turn, will help you convert your potential customers and retain the existing ones.

Drive Revenue and Sales

If you set up your Facebook Ads correctly and smartly, you can get a high return on your advertising spend. The key is to make the most of the data and performance metrics available on ‘Business Manager’ – a Facebook tool for businesses. Analyzing the data can help you craft a perfect strategy for Facebook ads and increase your sales as well as revenue. 

Isn’t that exactly what you want?

The Takeaway

Competition is sky-high nowadays, and in order to thrive, you need to differentiate yourself and make the most of social media, primarily Facebook, the most popular social media platform worldwide.

While the world is in lockdown during this period of COVID 19, use this opportunity to attract and delight your target audience that is already glued to social media. Given that the traditional methods of advertising won’t work during this time, now is the chance to really amp up marketing on Facebook.

So, what are you waiting for?