Key Takeaways

  • Optimal Website Health: Explore the top tools to seamlessly identify and rectify 404 errors, ensuring a robust online presence and optimal user experience.
  • Precision in Error Resolution: Elevate your website’s functionality with advanced tools that offer precise insights into broken links, empowering you to make strategic corrections.
  • Comprehensive Error Management: From crawling capabilities to in-depth backlink analysis, these tools collectively provide a comprehensive solution for effective 404 error management, safeguarding your digital landscape.

In the intricate tapestry of the World Wide Web, every click, and every navigation is meant to seamlessly connect users to the desired destination.

Yet, lurking beneath the surface, there exists a silent disruptor – the notorious 404 error.

In this digital age where user experience reigns supreme and search engine algorithms scrutinize every website’s health, the repercussions of unattended 404 errors can be profound.

Top 6 Best Tools to Find and Fix 404 Errors
Top 6 Best Tools to Find and Fix 404 Errors

Unveiling the Top 6 Tools for Finding and Fixing 404 Errors

Armed with the understanding of the significance of addressing 404 errors, it’s time to unveil the arsenal – the top 6 tools meticulously crafted to find and fix these digital stumbling blocks.

Join us as we unravel its features and guide you through the process of identifying and rectifying 404 errors seamlessly. The journey to a flawless digital experience begins here.

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Top 6 Best Tools to Find and Fix 404 Errors

  1. Sitechecker
  2. Semrush
  3. SE Ranking
  4. Screaming Frog SEO Spider
  5. WordPress Broken Link Checker
  6. Ahrefs Broken Link Checker

1. Sitechecker



Utilizing the Sitechecker crawler facilitates a comprehensive examination of your website, meticulously identifying broken links and furnishing detailed directives for their rectification.

This versatile web tool transcends operating system constraints, ensuring compatibility across diverse platforms.

Notably, it extends its proficiency to navigate through any Content Management System (CMS), thereby offering a universal solution for seamless error resolution.

Instantaneous remediation of 404 error pages is streamlined through the identification of anchors, accentuating its efficacy in fortifying the integrity of websites across the digital spectrum.


Complimentary Web Page Analysis

Unveiling the prowess of this tool, it allows a meticulous examination of 300 issues at no cost, presenting users with a preliminary snapshot of their website’s technical health.

Technical Health Report

The tool goes beyond the superficial, delivering a comprehensive report encompassing critical aspects of website well-being, including insights into broken links, redirect chains, orphan links, and indexing errors.

SEO Audit Precision

For those seeking an in-depth SEO analysis, the tool offers a complimentary audit for individual pages, with the option to opt for a more exhaustive examination covering the entire website, available through a monthly or annual subscription.

Spotlight on Content Errors

Navigating into the intricacies, the tool sheds light on content-related issues, flagging problems such as meta tag discrepancies and undersized pages that may impact the website’s overall performance.

Visualizing Website Structure

A unique feature lies in its ability to visually map the website’s structure, delineating the internal and external links, and providing users with an intuitive understanding of the site’s architectural dynamics.

Dynamic Site Monitoring

Post-crawling, the tool extends its utility by enabling dynamic site monitoring, a premium service that alerts users to any modifications made to the site, ensuring real-time awareness and responsiveness to changes.

Advanced Services (Paid Option)

For users seeking a deeper analytical dive, the tool offers paid options, including a service for meticulous backlink tracking and verification of keyword rankings, elevating its utility for advanced SEO strategists.

Data Export Limitations

An important caveat is that the tool restricts data export capabilities for users under a free subscription, emphasizing the premium nature of certain features for those seeking a more extensive and tailored analysis.

2. Semrush



In the realm of comprehensive backlink analysis, Semrush emerges as a preeminent tool offering an expansive array of features to unravel the intricacies of both your own backlinks and those of your competitors.

This sophisticated platform facilitates website verification through an exhaustive deep link study, delving into the intricacies of inbound links and anchor texts.

Moreover, Semrush meticulously examines the external links originating from linking websites, providing invaluable insights.

Enhancing user experience, the platform presents geo-distribution assets, including insightful charts, engaging camemberts, and an interactive world map, offering a visually enriched perspective on the global landscape of backlink dynamics.


In-Depth Link Analysis with Semrush

Delving into the intricacies of link analysis, Semrush emerges as a powerful tool offering a comprehensive examination of your digital landscape.

Unveiling Competitors’ DoFollow Links

Semrush’s robust functionalities extend to deciphering the origin of competitors’ dofollow links, shedding light on the intricate web of connections that influence their online presence.

Identifying Sector-Relevant Web Sources

A unique attribute of Semrush lies in its ability to identify relevant web sources within your sector, providing valuable insights into the dynamic network of connections shaping industry influence.

Unearthing Content Referrals

Semrush goes beyond conventional link analysis, enabling users to pinpoint websites eager to reference their content, enhancing visibility and credibility.

Geographic Distribution Insights

To enhance analytical depth, Semrush integrates geographic distribution widgets, including informative graphs and pie charts, offering a visual panorama for strategic decision-making.

IP Address Revelation

Semrush’s capabilities extend to revealing the unique IP addresses of reference domains, allowing users to discern the distribution of IP addresses by country and other vital metrics, enriching the depth of analysis.

Comparative Cost Consideration

While Semrush stands as a pinnacle of functionality, it’s important to note that its extensive features come at a comparatively higher cost than other tools in the market, signifying a premium investment for those seeking advanced analytics and unparalleled insights.

3. SE Ranking

SE Ranking
SE Ranking


Crafting a robust link-building strategy demands a wealth of data, and SE Ranking emerges as a comprehensive solution, streamlining the process with effortless accessibility.

By entering the domain name and executing a simple click, users unlock a trove of information encompassing domain and page trust, complemented by exclusive settings tailored by the provider.

SE Ranking’s efficiency extends over time, dynamically cataloging all referring domains and tracking changes in backlinks—be they new additions or losses.

The dashboard further enriches the user experience by presenting a detailed DoFollow/NoFollow report, insightful anchor information, and a geographical breakdown of IP locations and subnets contributing to the inbound link network.

This seamless integration of data empowers users to make informed decisions and refine their link-building endeavors with precision.


In-Depth Analysis of Domain Propriety and Page Trust

SE Ranking excels in providing a nuanced examination of domain propriety and the trustworthiness of individual pages, laying a solid foundation for strategic decision-making.

Dynamic Monitoring of Backlinks and Reference Domains

The platform’s robust capabilities extend to real-time tracking of both new and lost backlinks, along with comprehensive cataloging of reference domains, ensuring a thorough understanding of your website’s evolving digital footprint.

Granular DoFollow/NoFollow Reporting

SE Ranking offers a meticulous DoFollow/NoFollow report, allowing users to discern the nature of link attributes and strategically tailor their link-building efforts.

Comprehensive Anchor and Source Data

A distinctive feature lies in the provision of detailed anchor information, encompassing both text and image sources, empowering users with a holistic perspective on their website’s content referencing.

Alexa Ranking Integration

SE Ranking seamlessly integrates Alexa ranking, offering users an additional layer of insights into their website’s global standing and influence.

Geographical Visualization of IP Locations and Subnets

The platform goes beyond conventional analytics by visually presenting the geographical distribution of IP addresses and subnets contributing to your website’s backlink network, enhancing the understanding of regional impact.

Exclusive API Access with Premium Plans

While SE Ranking provides an expansive array of features, it’s essential to note that API access is exclusively available with the most premium plan, ensuring that advanced functionalities are tailored to the needs of those seeking a comprehensive and customizable analytics experience.

4. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider. Image Source: Screaming Frog
Screaming Frog SEO Spider. Image Source: Screaming Frog


The Screaming Frog SEO Spider emerges as a dynamic tool, offering a swift and comprehensive evaluation of websites, irrespective of their size.

This versatile utility not only facilitates the exploration of websites but also presents the collected data in a visualized, study-friendly format, allowing for meticulous examination and efficient filtering.

A standout feature lies in its capability to seamlessly transfer critical elements such as URLs, page titles, meta descriptions, and captions to Excel.

This not only streamlines the data collection process but also provides users with a structured foundation for constructing SEO references, offering a robust framework for strategic optimization endeavors.

The SEO Spider’s multifaceted functionality positions it as an indispensable asset for those seeking a nuanced understanding and optimization of their online presence.


Holistic Backlink Examination for Enhanced Site Performance

In the pursuit of optimizing website performance, the tool offers an exhaustive analysis of backlinks, scrutinizing both internal and external links to unveil areas for improvement.

Tailored Exploration through Custom Searches

Empowering users with a refined approach, the tool provides custom search and extraction capabilities, allowing for precise identification and analysis of specific text elements on websites.

Efficient XML Sitemap Generation

Streamlining website organization, the tool excels in the generation of XML sitemaps, enhancing search engine visibility and facilitating a structured exploration of site content.

Robust Robots.txt Support for Comprehensive Site Evaluation

The inclusion of Robots.txt support elevates the tool’s functionality by enabling users to thoroughly assess and display the complete performance of their websites, ensuring adherence to best practices.

Considerations for Speed on Larger Websites

A nuanced aspect to be mindful of is the tool’s speed, particularly noticeable when dealing with extensive websites. It’s essential to recognize that the performance may be relatively slower under these circumstances.

Resource Mastery Through Training

Unlocking the full potential of the tool requires a learning curve, emphasizing the need for training to proficiently navigate and utilize all available resources effectively.

Limitations of the Free Version

While the tool offers a free version, it’s imperative to note that this version has limitations, allowing the analysis of only 500 pages. Consideration of these constraints is vital for users seeking a more expansive exploration of their website’s intricacies.

WordPress Broken Link Checker
WordPress Broken Link Checker


Presenting a WordPress-centric solution, this tool operates as a meticulous 404 error checker, authenticating the HTTP status response codes associated with all content links and images on your website.

Functioning through a comprehensive content crawl, the tool systematically assesses links and images, actively monitoring for 404 errors, redirects, and unfollowed links.

Employing a multifaceted approach, it conducts diverse checks, ensuring a thorough analysis of websites.

Notably, the tool stands out by configuring its results in a self-contained manner, providing users with a clear and actionable overview of their website’s health in terms of link integrity and HTTP status responses.


Efficient Background Crawling

Setting itself apart, this tool seamlessly operates its crawler in the background, devoid of any cumbersome sessions, ensuring a smooth and unobtrusive monitoring process.

Precision Through Advanced Filters and URL/Anchor Script Searches

Equipped with advanced filters, this tool allows users to conduct nuanced searches, be it by URL or anchor script, providing a granular level of control in scrutinizing specific aspects of website content.

Direct Content Editing from Crawler Reports

Enhancing user convenience, the tool offers a unique feature allowing direct content editing from crawler reports, eliminating the need to transfer data to the post editor and streamlining the content optimization process.

Additional Tools for Substantial Changes with Similar Message URLs

Beyond the basics, this tool comes equipped with supplementary tools tailored for making substantial alterations when encountering similar message URLs, providing a comprehensive solution for content management.

Focused Link and Image Extraction

In its approach to website analysis, the tool stands out by concentrating solely on link and image extraction, bypassing the complete HTML page. This targeted focus streamlines the assessment process, ensuring a swift evaluation of critical elements.

Firewall Considerations for Optimal Performance

Users are advised to deactivate their firewall before employing this plugin, optimizing its performance and ensuring an unhindered exploration of website content and structure.

WP Secure Plugin Deactivation for Comprehensive Scans

To conduct a thorough and complete scan, deactivating the WP Secure plugin is imperative. This step ensures that the tool can perform its functions without constraints, delivering a comprehensive analysis of the website’s health and security.

Ahrefs Broken Link Checker
Ahrefs Broken Link Checker


Enter the realm of comprehensive backlink analysis with the Ahrefs Link Checker tool, furnishing an intricate report detailing every backlink associated with your website.

This tool goes beyond the surface, deciphering the dynamics of link fluctuation—discerning the nuanced patterns of increase or decrease.

Fueled by the vast reservoir of living backlinks within its extensive database and propelled by AhrefsBot’s swift crawling capabilities, this tool stands as a powerhouse in the realm of backlink assessment.

Offering the convenience of centralized information, it emerges as a valuable asset for uncovering details about broken backlinks across your entire network, consolidating crucial insights into a singular, user-friendly interface.


Strategic Competitor Backlink Tracking

Embark on strategic intelligence gathering by noting the backlinks leading to your competitor’s content pages that have undergone relocation, providing valuable insights into their content strategy and evolution.

Efficient Discovery of Broken External Links

Unearth broken external links on pertinent websites through the export functionality, enabling a proactive approach to link management and bolstering the integrity of your online network.

Refined Backlink Management through Filtering

Leverage the tool’s capabilities to filter and categorize backlinks, facilitating a systematic approach to backlink analysis and allowing for targeted interventions based on specific criteria.

Holistic View of Link Attributes

Gain a comprehensive perspective by exploring both dofollow and nofollow links for any given URL, empowering users with a nuanced understanding of the link dynamics associated with their web content.

Limitation: Inability to Export Graphics

A noteworthy consideration is the tool’s limitation in exporting graphics from pages, requiring users to explore alternative methods for graphic data extraction.

Absence of Comprehensive SEO Results

It’s crucial to note that the tool doesn’t offer exhaustive SEO results, emphasizing the importance of supplementing its use with additional tools for a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Considerations for Small Start-ups

For small start-ups, the tool’s pricing may be a consideration, given its relatively higher cost. It’s advisable to assess budget constraints and weigh the tool’s benefits against its financial implications.

Non-Free User Access

Highlighting its premium nature, the tool comes at a cost and is not available for free, making it essential for users to evaluate its features against their specific needs and budgetary considerations.


In the ever-evolving landscape of online domains, where user experience and search engine algorithms intertwine, the seamless functionality of a website hinges on its ability to navigate the intricate web of 404 errors.

In this journey towards optimal website health, the utilization of cutting-edge tools becomes paramount.

Sitechecker: Navigating the Digital Maze

Commencing our exploration, Sitechecker emerges as a versatile companion, adept at crawling through the website labyrinth, meticulously detecting broken links, and furnishing a roadmap for remediation.

Its commitment to user-friendly functionality shines through its ability to run on any operating system and seamlessly integrate with various Content Management Systems (CMS).

Semrush: Unveiling the Tapestry of Links

Semrush, a titan in the digital realm, steps forward with a comprehensive approach to error resolution.

Its Link Checker tool not only scrutinizes the trustworthiness of domains and pages but also unveils the interconnected web of competitors’ links, allowing for strategic insights into the dynamic link landscape.

SE Ranking: Precision in Performance Evaluation

SE Ranking elevates the game by providing a detailed examination of backlinks and reference domains, giving users a holistic view of their website’s digital footprint.

Tailored exploration through custom searches, coupled with efficient XML sitemap generation, solidifies its position as a precision tool in the arsenal against 404 errors.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider: Unearthing Digital Anomalies

Stepping into the digital soundscape with an echoing resonance, the Screaming Frog SEO Spider transcends its name, offering not only swift background crawling but also nuanced exploration capabilities.

The direct content editing feature, coupled with supplementary tools for substantial changes, transforms it into a dynamic agent for effective link and content management.

WordPress Broken Link Checker: A Platform-Specific Guardian

For those navigating the WordPress ecosystem, the WordPress Broken Link Checker emerges as a guardian against link disarray.

With its intuitive dashboard, users gain insights into dofollow/nofollow reports, anchor information, and geographical breakdowns, providing a specialized shield for the WordPress community.

Ahrefs Broken Link Checker: Pioneering Backlink Analysis

Ahrefs, a pioneer in the realm of backlink analysis, steps forward as a formidable ally.

Its Broken Link Checker tool not only provides a detailed report on backlinks but also leverages its colossal database and high crawling speed to understand the nuances of link fluctuations.

Unraveling the mysteries of broken backlinks across the network, it stands as a sentinel guarding against link decay.

In the symphony of website management, these six tools play harmoniously, each contributing its unique notes to create a melody of seamless functionality and error-free navigation.

From the meticulous detection of broken links to the precision in backlink analysis, these tools collectively empower website owners, developers, and SEO enthusiasts to fortify their online domains against the subtle disruptions of 404 errors.

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People also ask

How do I find and fix the 404 error?

To find and fix 404 errors, regularly audit your website using tools like Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, or Sitechecker. Identify broken links, update or redirect them, and ensure a custom 404 page is in place. Monitor site changes and employ proper redirects for a seamless user experience.

How do I find 404 error tools?

Discovering 404 error tools is effortless. Utilize platforms like Screaming Frog, Google Search Console, Sitechecker, or Ahrefs Broken Link Checker. Conduct thorough website audits, pinpoint broken links, and leverage these tools to enhance your website’s overall health and user experience.

What is the best practice for 404 not found?

The best practice for a 404 Not Found error involves creating a custom, user-friendly error page. Provide clear navigation options, suggest relevant content, and ensure the page returns a proper HTTP status code. Regularly monitor and fix broken links to enhance user experience and maintain website integrity.