Dear AppLabx users, clients, and customers,

We have been alerted to a job scam purportedly by individuals from Singapore that are asking users to do ratings on the app stores for cash.

Do note that AppLabx DO NOT offer such jobs to our candidates or jobseekers and also we do not do any rating of apps on the app stores.

If you see such scams, immediately stop communicating with the person and immediately report it to the Police.

The screenshots below are received from unsuspecting individuals.

From a person called Dicky.

Again, just to be clear, we do not offer any shady activities like that to rate apps.

Please report these people to the Police if you are in contact with them:

  • Dicky (+65 8547 8791)
  • Nancy (+65 9887 0148)
  • Debbie (+65 8850 8394)
  • and their syndicate to the Police.