TikTok is an ever-changing platform where viral content always changes. It is almost impossible to predict what content goes viral next because it is almost random. However, we do see some trends amongst content that are doing so here I am laying out the trends on TikTok that you can jump on board!

1. Memes

One of the ongoing trends on TikTok is posting memes! Memes are prevalent on almost every social media platform and TikTok is not excluded. Memes are content that is funny and relatable. We see a lot of them on TikTok and sometimes current viral videos can also turn into a meme. For instance, Xue Hua Piao Piao is a song that recently became viral and eventually turned into a meme.

This song was actually dated back in 1983 and has recently become viral because of a video posted on a Chinese app, Kuai Shou and eventually became a hit on TikTok. This song has turned into many memes circulating on social media and even TikTok challenges. As of today, the hashtag (#xuehuapiaopiao) has 73.4M views on TikTok.

You would not know what content of yours will become trendy so just put in more effort in planning content that best represents your business and what you are passionate about.

2. Dance Challenges

The first thing you see when you open your TikTok app is probably dancing videos. This is how trendy dance challenges are. Dance challenges are dances with easy-to-follow steps that almost anyone can do. Some famous challenges include this one below. In fact, the music used in this dance challenge has 29.5M videos created based on it.

Dance challenges are very effective especially in gaining viewers for your TikTok videos and listeners for music. In fact, almost all the songs trending on TikTok have charted on Spotifyi. 

You can easily jump onto this bandwagon! Either create an easy but addictive dance or join in the challenge. Your videos might appear when people browse the relevant hashtags and hence getting your account noticed by new users. 

3. Bite-size Informative Content

Another trend here on TikTok is sharing bite-sized information. This bite-sized information can be as simple as facts about a country or more niched information like photography skills or medical tips. Users enjoy these videos as they are able to add value to their lives within that short period of time. Here are some examples of such videos.

Video on photography tips

You can see how you are able to learn something within that short amount of time. Amazing, isn’t it! 

This is one trend that you can easily hop on! I believe your business has something valuable to add to your audience’s life. For instance, if you are in the real estate industry, you could provide content about market prices for properties or top 10 things to look out for when you are looking for a house. If you are in the advertising industry, you can give users tips on how to make good Facebook ads. The possibilities are endless! However, it is tricky because you have to provide such value within that short span of time. But it isn’t impossible! And sometimes, small bits of concise content are what stay with your user the longest. 

4. Celebrity Content

We are also seeing more celebrities going onto TikTok and celebrities’ content are on the rise. Many of these celebrities either participate in trending hashtags and challenges, or use it as a platform to promote their new content like a new song or film. 


These are trends in TikTok in 2020 that you can jump on board. It is important to note that these trends are changing almost everyday and it is rather unpredictable. But I think this is the fun of this platform- the platform accepts all form of content and who knows, your content may become viral one day!