Key Takeaways

  • Unleash Real-Time Insights: Elevate your strategy with the Top 8 Social Media Listening Tools of 2024, ensuring you stay ahead with up-to-the-minute data and proactive engagement.
  • Strategic Imperative for Success: Stay competitive by harnessing the unparalleled capabilities of these tools, reshaping social media management for brand success in 2024 and beyond.
  • Revolutionizing Online Presence: Discover the must-have tools reshaping the digital landscape. These Social Media Listening solutions are the key to enhancing your brand’s online presence and influence.

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, a robust online presence is non-negotiable for businesses. As consumer behaviours evolve, social media becomes a cornerstone for brand success.

In 2024, the key to unlocking this success lies in Social Media Listening Tools – the silent architects driving informed decision-making, brand perception, and strategic positioning.

As we traverse the intricate landscape of 2024, the need for effective social media listening tools has never been more critical.

These tools go beyond data analytics, serving as the digital ears that discern the pulse of the online world.

Unveiling the Top 8 Social Media Listening Tools

Our journey takes a deeper dive into the “Top 8 Best Social Media Listening Tools We Swear By in 2024.” These tools are not just data collectors; they are conduits that turn raw data into actionable insights.

From unique features and user testimonials to pricing details, each tool is meticulously examined, providing businesses, marketers, and entrepreneurs with a curated selection to elevate their digital strategies.

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Top 8 Best Social Media Listening Tools We Swear By In 2024

  1. Awario
  2. Keyhole
  3. Brand24
  4. Sprout Social
  5. Meltwater
  6. Digimind
  7. Talkwalker
  8. BrandMentions

1. Awario



Awario, employing sophisticated algorithms, swiftly identifies real-time references across the expansive online landscape.

Distinguishing itself by scrutinizing over 13 billion web pages daily, including APIs, Awario transcends conventional monitoring methods.

This powerful tool offers users a comprehensive panorama, enabling the discovery of all business mentions on diverse platforms – from social media and blogs to forums, news sites, and publicly accessible web pages.

Awario’s adept web-crawling capabilities ensure exhaustive coverage, providing users with nuanced insights into brand visibility and sentiment.

It stands as an indispensable asset for businesses seeking a holistic understanding of their digital footprint, navigating the intricacies of online discourse with precision.


Awario’s Dynamic Dashboard: A Comprehensive Overview

Awario’s sophisticated dashboard goes beyond mere mentions, offering a nuanced perspective on growth trends, collective reach, and sentiment analysis. Dive into geographical insights, unraveling the origins of messages, and providing a holistic view of your digital footprint.

Strategic Sorting with Analytics: Prioritizing Impactful Conversations

Awario’s analytics transcend traditional monitoring, strategically sorting mentions based on audience reach.

This innovative feature not only identifies influential figures within social networks but also enables a targeted response, prioritizing engagement and addressing urgent negative mentions promptly.

Mentions Statistics: Longitudinal Reputation Management

Awario’s Mentions Statistics module proves invaluable in reputation management, providing a longitudinal analysis of public sentiment toward your brand.

Track sentiments over time, including responses to marketing campaigns and product launches, empowering informed decision-making.

Competitor Analysis for Brand Fortification

Awario introduces a robust competitor analysis tool, empowering users to benchmark their company against industry rivals.

Configure alerts for competitor-related keywords delve into public sentiment comparisons, and track rivals’ follower growth, posting frequency, and channel preferences to refine your marketing strategy.

Comprehensive Monitoring Across Major Platforms

As a dynamic online solution, Awario extends its reach across major platforms, including X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, blogs, forums, and news.

Uncover insights and trends across diverse channels, enriching your understanding of the digital landscape.

Limitations to Note: Absence of Telegram and TikTok Monitoring

While Awario excels across various platforms, it’s essential to note its current limitations. The tool, unfortunately, does not provide monitoring capabilities for Telegram or TikTok, necessitating strategic considerations for comprehensive online presence management.


2. Keyhole



In the illustrious lineup of premier social media listening tools, Keyhole distinguishes itself through its seamless facilitation of social media and influencer campaign management.

As a stalwart within this elite category, Keyhole mirrors its counterparts by providing real-time data analytics, deftly extracting crucial metrics such as reach and engagement throughout campaigns.

Its prowess lies not only in effortless management but also in its ability to delve into the intricate dynamics of online conversations.

In alignment with the standards set by other top-tier social media monitoring tools, Keyhole stands as a dynamic force, ensuring that users access instant, actionable insights for informed decision-making in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


Keyhole’s Comprehensive Tracking Capabilities

Keyhole, a sophisticated social media management tool, offers meticulous tracking of hashtags, keywords, social accounts, and influencers.

However, the quantity of these tracked elements varies depending on the subscription tier, with higher plans unlocking additional features for enhanced functionality.

Elevated Features in Higher Tiers

Subscribers to higher-tier plans, starting from the Pro plan and upwards, enjoy exclusive features such as a media wall, moderation capabilities, and campaign-level post analysis.

This tiered structure ensures that users have access to a spectrum of tools tailored to their evolving needs.

The Core: Social Media Analytics and Reporting

At the heart of Keyhole lies its robust social media analytics and reporting capabilities.

Users gain the ability to monitor all accounts and posts in real-time, leveraging Keyhole’s analytics to refine and optimize their social media posting schedules for maximum impact.

Optimizing Hashtag Campaigns: Data-Driven Insights

Keyhole’s data-driven approach extends to hashtag campaign optimization and reporting.

Users can delve into comprehensive insights, discovering the total number of posts, engagement rates, and the extensive reach and impressions generated by their hashtags.

This data serves as a powerful resource for refining strategies and enhancing campaign effectiveness.

Listening Feature: A Predictive Dimension

Keyhole’s listening feature introduces a predictive dimension to social media analysis.

Encompassing volume predictions, sentiment analysis, QuickTrends summarizing industry trends, and a robust competitor analysis tool, this multifaceted toolkit positions Keyhole as a strategic ally for businesses aiming to decipher, optimize, and stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of social media.


3. Brand24



Brand24 emerges as a compelling choice among social media listening tools, strategically designed to elevate social media visibility.

Setting itself apart, Brand24 boasts unparalleled competitive analysis within the industry.

This distinctive feature empowers users to meticulously track the efficacy of marketing campaigns and gauge overall social media performance through meaningful metrics, ensuring informed decision-making at every crucial stage.

As businesses navigate the intricate realm of digital presence, Brand24 stands as a formidable ally, providing not just insights but a strategic vantage point for enhancing online visibility and impact.


Diverse Channel Integration

Brand24 seamlessly integrates with a multitude of channels, covering X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Spotify, LinkedIn, Reddit, Telegram, TripAdvisor, and the AppStore.

This extensive range ensures comprehensive visibility across various online platforms.

Real-Time Insights with Mentions Feed

Brand24’s Mentions Feed provides real-time insights into what people are saying about your brand, enabling swift and informed actions. Engage directly in discussions without leaving the Brand24 platform, fostering immediate and meaningful connections.

Graphical Depiction of Brand Mentions

The Discussion Volume Chart visually represents your brand’s mentions, offering a graphical overview to identify surges and potential issues.

Dive deeper with full-mention analytics, gaining a nuanced understanding of the individuals contributing to online conversations about your brand.

Influencer Identification with Brand24’s Influencer Score

Brand24 introduces its proprietary Influencer Score, a valuable tool for pinpointing industry influencers.

This feature facilitates strategic connections with key figures in your niche, enhancing your brand’s reach and impact.

Sentiment Analysis for Comprehensive Insights

Brand24’s sentiment analysis goes beyond mere mentions, categorizing them into positive, negative, or neutral sentiments.

This nuanced approach enables thorough monitoring of your online reputation, empowering you to respond effectively.

Reputation Management and Reporting

Brand24’s standout feature categorizes brand mentions into positive and negative sentiments, providing a robust foundation for online reputation management.

Users can conveniently download summarized reports in both PDF and Excel formats for comprehensive insights and analysis.

Customized Alerts for Proactive Monitoring

Stay ahead with Brand24’s customized alerts, ensuring you are promptly informed about any changes in the volume of discussions surrounding your company or product.


4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social
Sprout Social


Sprout Social stands as an elite, high-end professional social media management application, offering a comprehensive suite of features tailored for optimal social media orchestration.

Beyond its core functions in management and optimization, Sprout Social distinguishes itself by incorporating advanced social CRM tools and robust social media listening capabilities.

The platform not only streamlines social media tasks but also facilitates seamless collaboration within teams through a plethora of collaborative tools.

As a sophisticated solution in the realm of digital presence, Sprout Social not only manages but elevates the strategic aspects of social media engagement for businesses and professionals alike.


Diverse Channel Integration

Sprout Social seamlessly integrates with an array of channels, covering Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, WhatsApp, and Pinterest.

This expansive reach ensures a comprehensive approach to managing and optimizing your social media presence.

Unified Smart Inbox for Seamless Interaction

Sprout Social’s standout feature, the unified Smart Inbox, offers unparalleled user-friendliness. Respond to messages, retweet/repost, repin content, and engage with your audience directly within Sprout Social.

The platform allows you to categorize messages as per your preference and apply multiple filters, including keywords and hashtags, for a streamlined inbox management experience.

Advanced Social Listening Capabilities

Sprout Social’s social listening feature operates akin to the Smart Inbox, enabling users to track mentions of their brand, competitors, or specified keywords.

The Query Builder allows for the creation of intricate queries using Boolean phrases, ensuring precision in monitoring and analysis. Refine your searches to ensure relevance and authenticity in the mentions displayed.

Holistic Insights with Sentiment Analysis and More

Beyond tracking mentions, Sprout Social’s social listening encompasses sentiment analysis, campaign/audience analysis, customer feedback crisis management, influencer recognition, and competitor comparison.

These facets provide comprehensive insights into the impact of your content and the public’s perception of your brand. Gain a nuanced understanding of your market with the tool’s industry analysis and trend identification capabilities.

In the realm of social media management, Sprout Social emerges not just as a platform but as a strategic ally, empowering users to engage, monitor, and analyze with precision and ease.


5. Meltwater



Meltwater stands out as a tool renowned for its exceptional prowess in social media monitoring and artificial intelligence applications.

This advanced platform harnesses AI-driven insights, meticulously scrutinizing millions of posts each day, across various digital realms, including social media platforms, blogs, and news sites.

Meltwater’s commitment to cutting-edge technology positions it as a dynamic force in the realm of digital intelligence, offering users unparalleled capabilities for in-depth analysis and real-time monitoring across the expansive landscape of online content.


Comprehensive Channel Integration

Meltwater extends its reach across a diverse array of channels, encompassing Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitch, Sina Weibo, Douyin, and WeChat.

This extensive coverage ensures a holistic approach to monitoring and analyzing online content.

AI-Driven Insights: Unveiling the Power of Meltwater

Meltwater distinguishes itself with AI-driven insights derived from billions of results on a live basis and new content is collected 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Users benefit from unlimited keyword search capabilities and three criteria boxes for each advanced (Boolean) search, providing a robust foundation for nuanced analysis.

Holistic Monitoring Beyond Social Media

Meltwater’s monitoring capabilities transcend social media alone. The platform meticulously examines millions of posts daily from blogs, news sites, podcasts, forums, and consumer review sites.

With a continuous influx of 1.3 billion new social media posts, news articles, and blog posts every day and processing more than 20 billion engagement actions in real-time, Meltwater filters out irrelevant mentions and assigns sentiments, offering a comprehensive view of online discourse.

Proactive Crisis Management with Customizable Alerts

Meltwater’s customizable automated alerts and reporting tools empower users to proactively spot negative sentiment shifts, allowing swift and informed actions before potential crises escalate.

This feature ensures that users can maintain control over their brand reputation in the dynamic digital landscape.

Influencer Identification and Performance Tracking

Meltwater extends beyond monitoring, offering tools to find key influencers, track online performance, and optimize prospecting strategies.

Its consumer (market research) and sales (competitor insights) intelligence features add depth to the platform’s utility, providing a multifaceted approach to strategic decision-making.

Tailored Dashboards for Versatile Analysis

Meltwater’s flexibility shines through in its customizable dashboards, allowing users to tailor their monitoring, benchmarking, and analysis requirements.

This adaptability ensures that businesses can align the platform with their unique needs, maximizing its impact on strategic intelligence.


The available packages are Essentials, Advanced, Suite, and Enterprise. Pricing details are not displayed on the website. You have to reach out to Meltwater directly for information.

6. Digimind



Digimind stands as a comprehensive solution, delivering the necessary content to unravel the complexities of social and online data, ultimately translating it into actionable business insights.

The platform unfolds its prowess through two distinct yet equally remarkable products: social listening and market intelligence. Each product boasts an extensive array of features, elevating them beyond mere tools to indispensable assets in the realm of digital intelligence.

Whether unravelling the dynamics of online conversations or delving into market trends, Digimind emerges as a strategic ally, ensuring that businesses not only comprehend but strategically leverage the vast sea of digital information for informed decision-making.


Digimind’s Social Listening Tools: Precision in Monitoring and Engagement

Digimind’s social listening tools offer a robust suite of capabilities, allowing users to monitor specific terms and topics meticulously. The platform’s sentiment analysis extends beyond the ordinary, incorporating up to 15 emotions for nuanced insights.

From content sharing and audience engagement to generating comprehensive reports, Digimind empowers users to measure the ROI of both paid and organic media.

Furthermore, the tools harness search data for effective reputational management, providing a holistic approach to online presence.

Advanced Market Intelligence: Harnessing Data from Diverse Sources

In the realm of market intelligence, Digimind’s tools employ advanced extraction techniques to gather information from an extensive network of over 800 million online sources, including websites, RSS feeds, and forums.

The extracted data undergoes meticulous categorization using natural language processing (NLP) technology and semantic analysis engines, ensuring a comprehensive and structured dataset for analysis.

Real-time Insights for Strategic Decision-Making

Digimind’s overarching goal is to offer real-time insights into the conversations that matter most for your brand across millions of online data sources. This information proves invaluable for shaping and improving your marketing strategy.

With Digimind Social Analytics, users can analyze and benchmark an unlimited number of social accounts concurrently. Additionally, the platform goes beyond social networks, tapping into Google search behavior to provide a holistic view of brand perception.

Top Reputation Module: Unveiling Customer Insights in Real-Time

Digimind’s Top Reputation module takes insights a step further, allowing users to track customer interests in real-time.

This includes understanding what customers want to know about your brand and your competitors’ brands, products, individuals, and more.

The module serves as a dynamic tool for staying attuned to customer sentiments and market trends, providing actionable data for strategic decision-making.


To obtain pricing details from Digimind, kindly get in touch with their team.

Pricing is determined by estimating the total monthly mentions with unrestricted queries and topics, along with the annual total of queries needed, also with unlimited mentions. You can schedule a demonstration by completing their contact form.

7. Talkwalker



Talkwalker emerges as a paramount social media marketing platform, empowering the world’s most successful brands to create substantial business impact.

This dynamic platform seamlessly integrates data and insights from internal sources and external platforms, including various social media channels.

Its functionality extends beyond conventional boundaries, enabling users to monitor global marketing campaigns comprehensively.

By scanning social media, TV, broadcast, and print, Talkwalker provides a holistic perspective, allowing brands to measure their impact with unparalleled precision.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, Talkwalker stands as a pivotal tool for brands aiming not just to monitor but to strategically elevate their global influence.


Diverse Channel Integration: Covering the Digital Landscape

Talkwalker’s comprehensive reach spans a diverse array of channels, encompassing X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Weibo, Mixcloud, Flickr, Foursquare, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Google Play Store, Amazon, ReviewTrackers, Trustpilot, and TripAdvisor.

This extensive coverage ensures a holistic approach to monitoring conversations about your brand across various online platforms.

Beyond Social Media: Extensive Web Monitoring

Talkwalker’s listening feature transcends social media alone. It acts as a powerful tool for unearthing valuable information about client consumption habits by scouring through 150 million websites across 196 nations.

This includes conversations in text, voice, and visual formats about your brand, competitors, and industry, providing a nuanced understanding of online discourse.

Predictive Analytics with Blue Silk GPT: Shaping Future Campaigns

For those seeking a glimpse into the future, Talkwalker’s Blue Silk GPT steps in. This proprietary technology offers a 90-day forecast on key performance indicators (KPIs) and related topic volumes.

This insightful feature empowers users to optimize content and distribution strategies, fostering proactive and data-driven decision-making.

Visual Listening Technology: Elevating Social Insights

Talkwalker goes beyond traditional social listening with its proprietary visual listening technology.

This advanced tool allows users to track KPIs such as hashtag performance, connecting efforts directly to business objectives and customer sentiment.

Additionally, it unveils the most popular topics associated with your brand, providing a comparative analysis against competitors.

This multifaceted approach positions Talkwalker as a strategic ally for businesses aiming not just to monitor but to gain actionable insights and elevate their online presence.


Listen, Analyze, Business, Premium. Pricing details are not displayed on the website.

For information regarding costs, please reach out to Talkwalker directly.

8. BrandMentions



BrandMentions stands as a specialized platform meticulously crafted for brand monitoring, social listening, and reputation management.

Within this dynamic social media listening platform, users gain the ability to conduct perpetual monitoring across the web and social media realms, capturing both visible and concealed mentions of any business.

The platform’s capabilities extend beyond mere observation, empowering users to track trending topics with precision and proactively position their brand within ongoing conversations.

In the landscape of digital presence, BrandMentions emerges as a strategic ally, offering not just observation but proactive engagement and strategic influence over online narratives.


Diverse Channel Coverage: Comprehensive Presence Across Platforms

BrandMentions strategically covers a spectrum of channels critical for brand conversations, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Facebook, Foursquare, X (formerly Twitter), Pinterest, and YouTube.

This extensive reach ensures that no relevant mention slips through the cracks, offering a holistic approach to online monitoring.

Exhaustive Internet Search: Unearthing Every Mention

BrandMentions takes on the responsibility of searching virtually every corner of the internet, leaving no stone unturned to find all pertinent mentions about their clients or any other term of interest.

This exhaustive search spans websites and social media platforms, ensuring a thorough exploration of digital discourse.

Comprehensive Brand Monitoring: Unveiling Conversations and Influencers

Brands leverage BrandMentions to meticulously monitor everything said about their company or product across channels that matter.

From websites to social media, the platform not only unveils conversations but also identifies the personalities influencing their target audiences, providing a nuanced understanding of brand influence.

Competitor Analysis: Unveiling Marketing Strategies

BrandMentions isn’t just about self-reflection; it’s a tool for strategic espionage. Users can employ it to discreetly spy on competitors, unravelling their marketing strategies.

The social listening software facilitates swift research, offering insights into any brand or topic within any market, and empowering users with a competitive edge.

Real-time Notifications and Smart Alerts: Staying Informed Instantly

BrandMentions keeps users in the loop with real-time notifications through email alerts and link notifications.

The platform’s smart alerts feature adds a layer of convenience, ensuring that top reviews and sentiment analyses are just a few clicks away.

Advanced Features for Tailored Insights: Beyond the Basics

BrandMentions goes beyond the ordinary, offering advanced features such as image monitoring, API integration, and the option for white-label reports.

These sophisticated tools provide users with a tailored and nuanced approach to brand monitoring and analysis.



As we wrap up our exploration of the top eight social media listening tools in 2024, it’s evident that businesses are navigating a digital landscape where strategic intelligence and real-time insights are paramount.

These tools, from Awario to BrandMentions, collectively redefine the way brands approach social media management, offering a holistic solution that goes beyond mere monitoring to proactive engagement and strategic influence.

Awario: Real-time Insights and Comprehensive Monitoring

Awario stands out for its real-time tracking capabilities, covering a diverse range of online platforms.

With its sentiment analysis and broad coverage, businesses can not only stay abreast of conversations but also proactively shape their brand narrative.

Keyhole: Effortless Management and Real-time Data

Keyhole joins the ranks with its seamless management of social media and influencer campaigns.

Delivering real-time data, Keyhole empowers businesses to make informed decisions, setting a new standard for efficient and effective social media management.

Brand24: Unrivaled Competitive Analysis and Reputation Management

Brand24 takes the spotlight with its unparalleled competitive analysis, providing invaluable insights into marketing campaigns and overall social media performance.

Its reputation management features offer a comprehensive approach to shaping brand perception.

Sprout Social: User-friendly Collaboration and Streamlined Tasks

Sprout Social not only streamlines social media tasks but fosters seamless collaboration within teams.

Its user-friendly interface sets a new benchmark, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in successful social media management.

Meltwater: Harnessing AI for Advanced Insights

Meltwater leverages the power of artificial intelligence to meticulously analyze data from diverse online sources.

Its advanced extraction tools and semantic analysis engines contribute to a deeper understanding of market dynamics.

Digimind: Crafting Business Impact through Data Integration

Digimind stands as a comprehensive solution, integrating data and insights from internal and external sources.

Its social listening and market intelligence tools empower businesses to drive substantial business impact through informed decision-making.

Talkwalker: Predictive Analytics and Visual Listening Technology

Talkwalker propels the industry forward with predictive analytics through its Blue Silk GPT.

Its visual listening technology goes beyond conventional social listening, offering insights into hashtag performance and brand positioning.

BrandMentions: Comprehensive Channel Coverage and Competitor Analysis

BrandMentions concludes our list, covering a spectrum of channels critical for brand conversations.

Its competitor analysis tools provide a strategic advantage, enabling businesses to stay ahead by unravelling competitor strategies.

The Collective Impact: Redefining Brand Management

Collectively, these eight social media listening tools redefine brand management in 2024.

Whether it’s monitoring conversations, tracking influencers, analyzing sentiment, or unveiling competitor strategies, this arsenal ensures that businesses are not just participants but influential leaders in the unfolding narrative of online discourse.

In the quest for digital supremacy, these tools are not just choices; they are indispensable companions for success.

As businesses navigate the complexities of the digital realm, embracing these tools is not merely an option—it’s a strategic imperative for those who seek to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of social media in 2024 and beyond.

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What is a social media listening tool?

A social media listening tool is a software or service that monitors and analyzes online conversations across various social media platforms. It tracks mentions, analyzes sentiment, and provides valuable insights, helping businesses understand audience opinions, and trends, and effectively manage their online presence.

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