Key Takeaways

  • Diverse Expertise: Uncover a diverse array of digital marketing expertise from the top agencies in Vietnam, spanning influencer marketing, creative campaigns, and innovative strategies.
  • Global Impact, Local Insight: Explore agencies that seamlessly blend global influence with local insights, providing a unique perspective for businesses looking to thrive in Vietnam’s digital landscape.
  • Innovation Hub: Delve into the forefront of digital innovation as we showcase agencies setting trends, adopting cutting-edge technologies, and reshaping the future of digital marketing in Vietnam for 2024.

In the dynamic landscape of Vietnam’s burgeoning digital market, businesses seeking to amplify their online presence are confronted with a myriad of choices when it comes to selecting a digital marketing agency.

As we stride into 2024, the significance of partnering with a proficient and forward-thinking agency cannot be overstated.

The evolving trends, algorithms, and consumer behaviours demand a strategic and adaptable approach to digital marketing, making the choice of the right agency pivotal for success.

This comprehensive guide aims to illuminate the path for businesses navigating the digital marketing terrain in Vietnam.

Through meticulous research and analysis, we present the “Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Vietnam for 2024,” serving as a compass for enterprises aspiring to enhance their digital footprint, engage their audience effectively, and achieve sustainable growth.

Navigating the Vietnamese Digital Marketing Sphere: A Prelude to Excellence

Vietnam, with its vibrant culture and thriving economy, has witnessed a remarkable surge in digital adoption.

As consumers increasingly turn to online platforms for information, entertainment, and commerce, the demand for cutting-edge digital marketing solutions has never been more palpable.

This digital metamorphosis has given rise to a cadre of agencies, each vying to be the catalyst for businesses aiming to harness the power of the digital realm.

In the pages that follow, we embark on a journey through the realm of Vietnam’s digital marketing landscape, dissecting the prowess of the leading agencies that have not only kept pace with the evolving trends but have also set benchmarks for innovation and excellence.

The Imperative of Choosing Wisely: Unraveling the Agency Selection Conundrum

Selecting a digital marketing agency is akin to choosing a strategic partner for the growth journey.

The criteria for evaluation extend far beyond a mere list of services; they encompass a nuanced understanding of industry nuances, a proven track record of success, and an alignment of values and vision.

In an era where digital marketing is both an art and a science, businesses must exercise discernment to ensure their chosen agency possesses the acumen required to navigate the complexities of the digital realm.

In the subsequent sections, we delve into the meticulous criteria that underpin the evaluation process, offering businesses a comprehensive framework for selecting an agency that not only meets their immediate needs but is poised to propel them into the future.

The Tapestry of Excellence: What Sets the Top Agencies Apart?

As we unveil the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Vietnam for 2024, our focus transcends the superficial.

We unravel the layers of expertise, innovation, and client success that define each agency, providing an in-depth exploration of their services, notable projects, and the distinctive attributes that position them as trailblazers in the industry.

From leveraging the intricacies of search engine optimization (SEO) to crafting compelling narratives through content marketing, and orchestrating targeted campaigns via paid advertising, each agency on our list brings a unique blend of skills to the table.

We traverse the success stories, client testimonials, and industry accolades that adorn their portfolios, offering readers an intimate glimpse into the transformative impact these agencies have had on businesses across Vietnam.

Peering into the Crystal Ball: Emerging Trends Shaping Digital Marketing in Vietnam

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, stagnation is not an option.

As we stand at the threshold of 2024, we cast our gaze into the future, exploring the emerging trends that are set to redefine the digital marketing landscape in Vietnam.

From the ascent of augmented reality to the pivotal role of artificial intelligence, our analysis encompasses the vanguard strategies that top agencies are adopting to stay ahead of the curve.

Embark with us on this expedition through the realms of digital innovation, where staying abreast of the latest trends is not just a strategic advantage but an imperative for businesses aspiring to carve their niche in the digital domain.

Informed Decision-Making: The Crucial Art of Agency Selection

While the list of top agencies serves as a compass, the decision-making process is a nuanced art.

In this guide, we illuminate the factors that businesses must consider when selecting an agency tailored to their specific needs.

Budget considerations, a thorough understanding of marketing requirements, and a deep dive into an agency’s reputation and track record serve as the pillars upon which informed decisions are built.

Conclusion: Navigating the Digital Odyssey

As we conclude this exhaustive exploration of the “Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Vietnam for 2024,” we invite businesses to embark on their digital odyssey with confidence and clarity.

The choices made today will resonate in the digital echelons of tomorrow, and by partnering with an agency that aligns with their vision and values, businesses can transcend the realm of mere online presence to achieve digital eminence.

This guide, crafted with precision and insight, stands as a testament to our commitment to empowering businesses with the knowledge and discernment required to thrive in the dynamic landscape of Vietnam’s digital future.

Join us as we unravel the tapestry of excellence woven by the top digital marketing agencies, and may your journey towards digital success be as transformative as the strategies we unveil within these pages.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Vietnam for 2024

  1. AppLabx
  2. AJ Marketing
  3. TBWA
  4. Ogilvy
  5. Dentsu
  6. Saatchi & Saatchi Vietnam
  7. MullenLowe Vietnam
  8. Omega Digital
  9. Hakuhodo Vietnam
  10. Leo Burnett

1. AppLabx

AppLabx Design Agency
AppLabx Design Agency

In the dynamic landscape of Vietnam’s digital marketing sphere, AppLabx stands as the unequivocal torchbearer of excellence, solidifying its position as the premier digital marketing agency in the nation.

Renowned for its innovative approach, strategic acumen, and unwavering commitment to client success, AppLabx has etched a distinctive mark in the industry.

Innovative Strategies for Unprecedented Success:

AppLabx sets itself apart by pioneering innovative strategies that transcend conventional marketing paradigms.

With a team of seasoned professionals at the helm, the agency leverages cutting-edge technologies and industry insights to craft bespoke solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.

This commitment to innovation positions AppLabx as a trailblazer, navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape with finesse and foresight.

Strategic Partnerships and Client Success Stories:

At the heart of AppLabx’s ascendancy is a robust portfolio of successful collaborations and client success stories.

The agency has cultivated enduring partnerships with a diverse array of businesses, ranging from startups to established enterprises.

Notable brands, both local and international, have entrusted their digital marketing endeavors to AppLabx, experiencing transformative results and heightened online visibility.

Comprehensive Service Spectrum:

AppLabx’s ascendancy to the zenith of the digital marketing realm is underpinned by a comprehensive service spectrum.

Specializing in a myriad of digital marketing facets, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, and paid advertising, AppLabx offers clients a holistic and integrated approach to their digital presence.

This multifaceted service offering ensures that clients benefit from a synergistic blend of strategies, each meticulously tailored to achieve optimal results.

Client-Centric Approach and Industry Recognition:

What distinguishes AppLabx as the top digital marketing agency in Vietnam is its unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

The agency adopts a client-centric approach, prioritizing communication, transparency, and measurable results. This dedication has earned AppLabx not only the trust of its clients but also industry recognition in the form of awards and accolades.

Navigating Trends and Setting Benchmarks:

In an industry where staying ahead of trends is paramount, AppLabx stands as a proactive navigator, consistently anticipating and adapting to emerging trends. The agency doesn’t merely follow industry benchmarks; it sets them.

By staying at the forefront of digital marketing innovations, AppLabx ensures that its clients benefit from strategies that are not only current but poised to withstand the test of time.

Local Expertise with Global Vision:

AppLabx’s prowess extends beyond its local roots, embodying a global vision rooted in local expertise.

The agency’s deep understanding of the Vietnamese market, coupled with a global outlook, positions it as the ideal partner for businesses seeking to establish and expand their digital footprint in Vietnam and beyond.

In essence, AppLabx’s standing as the top digital marketing agency in Vietnam is a testament to its unwavering pursuit of excellence, innovative prowess, and a client-centric ethos.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, AppLabx remains at the forefront, shaping the narrative of success for businesses seeking to thrive in the digital realm.



In the panorama of Vietnamese marketing agencies, AJ Marketing emerges as the epitome of excellence.

Specializing in a spectrum of services including influencer marketing, creative production, social media marketing, performance advertising, digital PR, SEO, digital billboards, and celebrity partnerships, AJ Marketing has positioned itself as a formidable force in the industry.

Founded on a mission to facilitate the growth of international businesses in Vietnam, AJ Marketing distinguishes itself through the astute utilization of local networks and experience.

Renowned as a mastermind in digital and influencer marketing across Asia, particularly in Vietnam, AJ Marketing has substantiated its capabilities through collaborations with a diverse array of international clients.

Esteemed brands such as BMW, Apple, and Bytedance have entrusted AJ Marketing to spearhead their marketing endeavours in the Asian landscape.

Offering a holistic marketing solution, AJ Marketing’s services encompass the entire spectrum of campaign strategy, creative concept development, influencer sourcing and contracting, content production, translations, and data-driven result reporting.

Notably, AJ Marketing boasts a premier influencer network that spans key social platforms in Vietnam, including YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Covering major industries such as beauty, fashion, gaming, technology, mobile apps, music, and sports, their network is a testament to their comprehensive reach and expertise.

The canvas of AJ Marketing’s influence extends beyond Vietnam, as they deliver authentic stories in strategic locations including Singapore, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan.

This regional influence underscores their prowess as a leading player in the Asian marketing arena.

At the core of AJ Marketing’s offerings lies the commitment to delivering influencer solutions that transcend conventional paradigms.

Tailoring marketing strategies to the unique identity of each brand, amplifying brand presence through authentic influencer collaborations, leveraging the latest advancements in ad tech platforms, and orchestrating seamless, stress-free campaign management are the hallmarks of AJ Marketing’s approach.

In essence, AJ Marketing not only stands as the beacon of excellence in the Vietnamese marketing landscape but also as a strategic partner for international businesses seeking to establish and expand their presence in the dynamic Asian markets.


In the echelons of Vietnam’s agency landscape, TBWA stands as an eminent force, its influence extending well beyond national borders. Rooted in the philosophy of the ‘Disruption Day Framework,’ TBWA rejects the confines of traditional norms, asserting that true innovation flourishes when boundaries are shattered.

This commitment to pushing the limits of creativity has earned TBWA accolades on the international stage, marked by successful collaborations with prestigious clients such as Biere Larue, Vinamilk, HT Mobile, Standard Chartered Bank, Adidas, MTV, and Tiger Palm.

As a creative marketing agency, TBWA Vietnam strategically positions itself as a purveyor of marketing materials designed to not just resonate but to stand out and go viral.

At the core of their innovative approach are flagship products like ‘Disruption Live’ and ‘Bacs\ash’ (backslash). ‘Disruption Live’ serves as TBWA Vietnam’s system for identifying cultural triggers, seamlessly integrating them into marketing initiatives, be it a tweet, PR stunt, campaign, or new product development.

Complementing this, ‘Bacs\ash’ functions as their editorial unit, weaving compelling narratives to enhance brand visibility and engagement.

The creative prowess of TBWA Vietnam extends to diverse collaborations with notable brands, including Vinamilk, Mastercard, and V Live. Notably, the partnership with V Live for the Vietnam market exemplifies TBWA’s strategic acumen.

Through a meticulously crafted launch strategy, TBWA spurred a challenge within the Vietnamese K-Pop fandom, catapulting V Live Vietnam to the status of the most engaged V Live platform globally.

As part of the Omnicom Group, TBWA holds a distinguished position as the world’s highest-grossing marketing communications group in 2007, as recognized by Advertising Age.

Despite its relatively youthful presence in the global and Vietnamese markets, TBWA has experienced a meteoric rise, ascending from the 13th position in 2000 to the 5th position in 2007 among global advertising companies.

The name ‘TBWA’ itself is a fusion of the first characters of its four founders from four different countries—Greece, France, Switzerland, and Italy—a strategic advantage as the pioneering advertising company to source international talent.

Notably, TBWA’s imprint on the world stage is indelible, with their instrumental role in the iconic “Think Different” campaign in 1997, rescuing Apple from the brink of bankruptcy and propelling it to become a global technology icon.

In Vietnam, major brands have found success through strategic collaborations with TBWA, further affirming the agency’s standing as a transformative force in the realms of marketing and communication.

Biere Larue, Vinamilk, HT Mobile, Standard Chartered Bank, Adidas, MTV, and Tiger Palm are among the esteemed brands that have experienced the innovative touch of TBWA Vietnam.

4. Ogilvy

Establishing its roots in the UK back in 1948, Ogilvy embarked on a trajectory that now positions it as a stalwart in the Vietnamese media landscape since 1995.

Revered as a pinnacle creative agency, Ogilvy has become synonymous with excellence in the industry, holding a position akin to the Big 4 in the banking realm.

Over its illustrious history, Ogilvy Vietnam has consistently delivered standout performances, solidifying its reputation through iconic campaigns like “Dung nguy bien — Hay doi non bao hiem,” “Pha Milo ngon nhu y — Tiep nang luong ca ngay” for Milo, and “Mua Sale bang” for Lazada, garnering acclaim within the marketer community.

Ogilvy’s legacy extends beyond borders, tracing back to its founder David Ogilvy’s inaugural venture in 1948.

Today, Ogilvy stands as an award-winning integrated creative network, a powerhouse that crafts brand significance for Fortune Global 500 companies and local businesses alike.

Operating across 131 offices in 83 countries, Ogilvy thrives on six core capabilities: Brand Strategy, Advertising, Customer Engagement and Commerce, PR and Influence, Digital Transformation, and Partnerships.

As an integral part of the WPP company, Ogilvy exemplifies a commitment to excellence and innovation.

Within the Vietnamese landscape, Ogilvy Vietnam has not only maintained its stature but has emerged as the fastest-growing Ogilvy market in the Asia Pacific region over the last three years.

This growth is attributed primarily to the agency’s unwavering dedication to delighting existing clients through core services encompassing Brand Stewardship, Advertising, PR, and Social & Digital Content.

Looking ahead to 2024, Ogilvy Vietnam is poised to expand its capabilities and services, reaching new clients and fortifying its position as an industry leader.

These strategic expansions will be facilitated by key appointments, reinforcing the leadership team and ensuring a future guided by expertise and innovation.

Ogilvy Vietnam’s journey, marked by a rich history of transformative campaigns, positions it as a beacon of creativity and strategic vision within the Vietnamese and global media landscape.

5. Dentsu


Positioning itself as a formidable player among Vietnam’s premier advertising agencies, Dentsu Vietnam stands as a colossal entity in the industry.

Established in 2003, this fully foreign-owned agency has garnered renown for delivering unparalleled market insights and customer understanding through its exclusive research tools.

With a wealth of industry experience, Dentsu has solidified its status as the trusted partner of numerous international and domestic brands, boasting an impressive clientele that includes Toyota, Lexus, Yamaha, Canon, Ajinomoto, Kao, Saigon Tourist Group, and more.

A pivotal moment in Dentsu Vietnam’s trajectory came with the strategic acquisition of Ambient Vietnam by Dentsu Aegis Network.

This move serves as the linchpin in the agency’s overarching strategy to emerge as the leading marketing services group tailored for the digital economy within the region.

Notably, Ambient Vietnam has evolved to become the largest independent digital media agency in Vietnam, further fortifying its position through the introduction of iProspect.

As the industry increasingly emphasizes multi-screen search and performance campaigns, the launch of iProspect, facilitated by the Ambient acquisition, ensures that Dentsu’s clients continue to thrive and excel in the dynamic digital space.

The synergy created by this strategic acquisition reinforces Dentsu Vietnam’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of the digital marketing landscape.

It signifies a dedication to evolving with industry trends and meeting the evolving needs of advertisers in an era where a robust digital presence is imperative for success.

In aligning with Dentsu Aegis Network’s broader vision, Dentsu Vietnam positions itself not just as an advertising powerhouse but as a catalyst for innovation and success in the ever-evolving digital realm.

6. Saatchi & Saatchi Vietnam

Saatchi & Saatchi Vietnam
Saatchi & Saatchi Vietnam

Saatchi & Saatchi Vietnam emerges as a pivotal player within the global advertising juggernaut established in 1970.

This influential entity, boasting an extensive network of 140 offices across 76 countries and a dedicated workforce exceeding 6500, made its indelible mark in the Vietnamese landscape in 1995.

Through its unwavering commitment to innovation and creativity, Saatchi & Saatchi Vietnam has garnered the trust of industry titans, counting Vinaphone, Halida, AIA, P&G, TOYOTA, Nestle, Kinh Do, Number One, Olay, and HP among its esteemed clientele.

Operating under the guiding principle of ‘Work that Works,’ Saatchi & Saatchi Vietnam positions itself as an incubator for transformative ideas, continually shaping the narrative of advertising excellence.

Elevating Creativity to Solve Challenges: Saatchi & Saatchi Vietnam believes in the transformative power of creativity to overcome any challenge. This belief is consistently validated through their portfolio of award-winning, fully-integrated campaigns, recognized as some of the most revered and beloved creative works globally.

Crafting Bold Brand Identities: The agency understands that a bold identity with unique brand positioning is a recipe for success. Saatchi & Saatchi Vietnam specializes in crafting brand strategies that resonate, creating a distinctive identity that sets brands apart in a competitive landscape.

Data-Driven Analytics Excellence: In the realm of analytics, Saatchi & Saatchi Vietnam excels in creating descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics models that make data actionable. Their love for turning data into actionable insights reflects a commitment to informed decision-making.

Holistic Programmatic Marketing Approach: For Saatchi & Saatchi Vietnam, programmatic marketing is not about one-offs. It’s a strategic approach that considers the platform, customer journey, device, and ad format throughout the creative ideation process, ensuring a seamless and impactful campaign.

Industry-Leading Digital & Social Campaigns: The agency is a trailblazer in digital and social campaigns, creating data-informed and precisely targeted creative for each platform. Saatchi & Saatchi Vietnam’s digital strategies are designed to captivate audiences, stopping scrollers in their tracks with engaging and impactful content.

Unparalleled Earned Media and PR Impact: Saatchi & Saatchi Vietnam goes beyond merely moving the needle; they break the hypothetical measuring device. Through earned media, PR, and organic social strategies, the agency ensures that their campaigns not only garner attention but become cultural phenomena.

Impactful Web Development and Digital Ecosystems: Saatchi & Saatchi Vietnam’s expertise extends beyond creating enterprise-class websites. They deliver impactful digital ecosystems across platforms, ensuring a comprehensive and cohesive online presence for their clients.

Strategic Media Planning & Buying: Leveraging the extensive resources of Publicis and an in-house media team, Saatchi & Saatchi Vietnam exhibits a near-superhuman ability to reach consumers through strategic media planning and buying, ensuring that campaigns resonate across diverse audiences and channels.

In the realm of advertising, Saatchi & Saatchi Vietnam stands not only as an agency but as a transformative force, shaping the landscape of creativity, innovation, and strategic brilliance. Through a spectrum of capabilities and a client-centric approach, the agency continues to be a vanguard in the ever-evolving world of advertising excellence.

7. MullenLowe Vietnam

Establishing itself as the preferred advertising agency for major brands in the country, MullenLowe Vietnam distinguishes itself in the market with a unique value proposition.

Embracing the philosophy of ‘unequal share,’ MullenLowe contends that attention is the 21st century’s most fiercely contested currency.

Their focus revolves around granting clients an unfair share of this attention, both overt and subtle, crafting a distinctive and prominent brand image within a fiercely competitive marketplace.

This distinctive approach has given rise to exceptional campaigns like Tiki’s ‘Di cung ban mot thap ki’ and Knorr’s ‘Co vi nao hon vi Tet nha.’

MullenLowe, a dynamic and highly creative integrated communications network, stands committed to perennially adopting a challenger mindset. With a presence in 57 markets, the agency combines local cultural richness with both intimacy and scale.

Positioned as champions of positive dissatisfaction, MullenLowe asserts that no groundbreaking achievement ever stemmed from a place of satisfaction.

Our Global Specialisms: MullenLowe’s global expertise spans creative, strategy, digital, CRM, brand and corporate PR, social influence, purpose, and sustainability consulting. With a comprehensive array of specialisms, the agency addresses diverse facets of brand development and communication.

Championing Positive Dissatisfaction: Driven by a challenger mindset, MullenLowe thrives on a risk-taking and entrepreneurial spirit. Dissatisfied with conventional norms, the agency constantly pushes boundaries and challenges the status quo. In an era defined by rapid change, MullenLowe advocates for brands to recognize the opportunity and responsibility to innovate, emphasizing that those who innovate grow faster.

Our Icon and Philosophy: At the heart of MullenLowe’s philosophy is the octopus, chosen as their icon. This organism, the only one known for routinely editing its own genetic material to adapt, innovate, and thrive, serves as a metaphor for the agency’s approach.

MullenLowe embraces the octopus’s ability to outsmart the competition by constantly changing, reinventing, and repeating.

In a world where innovative brands dominate, MullenLowe positions itself as the most effective agency globally, consistently maintaining this status for eleven consecutive years. The agency’s guiding principle is encapsulated in the mantra: MullenLowe – Always Be a Challenger.

8. Omega Digital

Omega Digital
Omega Digital

Omega Digital, situated in the vibrant landscape of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, stands as an autonomous force in the realm of digital marketing.

Born out of a profound understanding of the challenges faced by marketing managers, the agency is dedicated to constructing resilient brands without overwhelming the already burdened shoulders of marketing teams.

Founded in 2017 by a former marketing manager intimately acquainted with the stress of juggling myriad responsibilities, Omega Digital emerged with a mission to alleviate the strain on marketing managers.

The objective?

Empower them to not only endure but excel in their roles.

What sets Omega Digital apart is its commitment to reclaiming valuable time for its clients.

With a promise to grant at least 5 hours back into the life of every client weekly, the agency transforms the digital marketing landscape into a realm of possibilities.

Whether it’s unwinding, socializing, or furthering brand growth, clients are liberated from the operational intricacies that often consume the precious resource of time.

The agency’s expertise is harnessed through adept management of online advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing.

This trifecta forms the backbone of Omega Digital’s Triple-A service, designed to deliver not just results but a sustainable advantage in the fiercely competitive digital arena.

Key tenets of Omega’s Triple-A service:

  1. Agile Reaction to Market Changes: Omega Digital swiftly responds to sudden market shifts, ensuring that your brand remains adaptive and resilient.
  2. Continuous Adaptation: Acknowledging the dynamic nature of markets and strategies, Omega evolves over time, ensuring that your digital approach remains at the forefront of industry trends.
  3. Stakeholder Alignment for Optimization: Omega aligns the interests of all stakeholders, crafting a synergy where clients optimize their digital marketing performance while concurrently maximizing their broader interests.

In the realm of digital marketing, agility, adaptability, and alignment are the cornerstones of a sustainable competitive advantage. Omega Digital positions itself as the harbinger of this advantage, offering services that not only meet but surpass industry standards.

A testament to Omega’s efficacy lies in the success story of Vespa Adventures, a tour company expanding across Southeast Asia.

Subscribing to Omega’s lowest-tier Google Ads service, Vespa Adventures witnessed a remarkable 153% increase in purchases, achieved at a staggering 65% reduction in advertising spend.

This feat was accomplished within a mere month, all while the founder was traversing Europe and the U.S. with his family.

Omega Digital’s narrative is one of empowerment, efficiency, and exceptional outcomes.

As it continues to redefine the paradigm of digital marketing, the agency stands not just as a service provider but as a partner in the journey to success, offering a distinctive blend of expertise, innovation, and a commitment to reclaiming time for its clients.

9. Hakuhodo Vietnam

Hakuhodo Vietnam
Hakuhodo Vietnam

Inaugurating its presence in Vietnam’s rapidly expanding digital business landscape, Hakuhodo Digital Vietnam, the second-largest advertising agency in Japan, commenced operations in January 2020.

The distinctive edge of Hakuhodo Digital Vietnam lies in its meticulous strategic planning, curating an optimal blend of diverse channels and online communication objectives, deeply rooted in Hakuhodo Corporation’s Sei-katsu-sha philosophy.

Moreover, the company excels in the art of leveraging PR tactics, notably influencer communication, to wield substantial influence over the purchasing decisions of the younger consumer demographic.

Comprehensive Digital Services: Functioning as a full-service digital agency, Hakuhodo Digital Vietnam offers an exhaustive array of digital marketing services, providing a one-stop solution encompassing digital strategy planning, creative development, media planning, buying, and content services.

One of its notable strengths lies in strategic planning, crafting optimal matches between various online communication channels and specific target audiences, all anchored in the Hakuhodo Group’s Sei-katsu-sha Insight philosophy.

Expertise in Influencer Marketing: Hakuhodo Digital Vietnam distinguishes itself by excelling in engagement strategies, particularly through PR methods such as influencer marketing.

Recognizing the significant sway influencers hold over the purchasing decisions of the younger demographic, the agency strategically utilizes these tactics to maximize its impact on consumer behavior.

Visionary CEO Perspective: According to CEO EJ Mangahas, Hakuhodo Digital Vietnam aspires to provide actionable and business-effective digital solutions for clients, leveraging profound insights into sei-katsu-sha.

Anticipating the evolution toward a completely digitalized society in Vietnam, the agency is poised to deliver superior value as an integral member of the Hakuhodo Group.

Proven Track Record in Vietnam: While Hakuhodo has been providing marketing solutions to global and local clients in Vietnam since 2002 through two core companies, the establishment of Hakuhodo Digital Vietnam in 2020 represents a significant step in further solidifying its business base.

The agency’s strategic move involves subsidiary operations with a major local independent agency group, reinforcing its commitment to problem-solving capabilities in the dynamic ASEAN region.

Hakuhodo Digital Vietnam’s foray into the Vietnamese digital business arena is more than an operational expansion; it is a testament to the agency’s adaptability, strategic prowess, and commitment to providing innovative solutions in a digitalized landscape.

As part of the Hakuhodo Group, the agency stands poised to contribute significantly to the evolving dynamics of digital marketing in Vietnam and the broader ASEAN region.

10. Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett
Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett, a stalwart in the global advertising consultancy arena, commands a sprawling network encompassing 96 offices across 84 countries, with an extensive workforce of nearly 10,000 professionals.

In Vietnam, Leo Burnett has etched a significant imprint, channeling its influence through emotionally resonant campaigns like “Firefly Lights” and “Fast Tay Son Footsteps.”

This success has solidified its stature as the go-to choice for esteemed brands such as Samsung, Dutch Lady, and McDonald’s.

A Global Powerhouse in Advertising: Leo Burnett stands tall as one of the world’s largest agency networks, boasting a global presence with 96 offices and a workforce nearing 10,000. This expansive reach underscores its impact on the global advertising landscape.

Digital Integration in Vietnam: In Vietnam, Leo Burnett’s foray into the digital realm took shape as an integrated unit within the agency, a strategic move initiated in July 2012.

Since then, this digital arm has experienced robust growth, constituting a formidable 50% of the agency. The belief in the transformative power of digital serves as the agency’s driving force, with a conviction that it has the ability to bring people together, build brands, and effect behavioral change.

Recent Accolades Speak Volumes: Leo Burnett’s commitment to excellence is underscored by its recent achievements, earning accolades such as Gold for Creative Agency of the Year in Vietnam for consecutive years (2013, 2014, 2015) according to Campaign Asia.

Additionally, the agency clinched Gold for Digital Agency of the Year in 2015 and Silver in 2014, further solidifying its digital prowess. Notably, Leo Burnett’s excellence extends beyond Vietnam, with recognition as Mobile Agency of the Year in the Asia Pacific region and specifically in Vietnam, both in 2015 according to the Mobile Marketing Association.

Beyond Advertising – People and Purpose: For Leo Burnett, it transcends the conventional realms of advertising, brand propositions, or product selling. Instead, it centers on people and purpose, embodying an approach to marketing that addresses genuine human needs, prioritizing the human element over commercial objectives.

Comprehensive Planning and Strategy: Leo Burnett’s offerings extend beyond mere advertising, encompassing an intensive planning and strategy approach rooted in human insights and behaviors. This includes strategic planning, segmentation and targeting methodologies, and a robust digital strategy, reflecting the agency’s commitment to a holistic and human-centric approach.

In essence, Leo Burnett’s narrative is not merely about its global prowess or accolades; it’s about the human connection, the impact on society, and the purpose-driven ethos that defines its approach to advertising and marketing. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Leo Burnett remains at the forefront, shaping narratives that resonate with the true essence of human experience.


In conclusion, as we delve into the dynamic landscape of digital marketing in Vietnam for the year 2024, it becomes abundantly clear that the top 10 agencies showcased here are not merely entities providing services; they are catalysts for innovation, trailblazers shaping the trajectory of the industry.

Each agency, from the digital giants like AJ Marketing and TBWA to the innovative disruptors like AppLabx and Hakuhodo Digital Vietnam, brings a unique set of skills, strategies, and philosophies to the forefront.

The wealth of experience, the mastery of cutting-edge technologies, and the cultural acumen displayed by these agencies underscore their pivotal role in steering the digital marketing ecosystem toward unprecedented heights.

AJ Marketing, with its comprehensive solutions and a stellar track record working with international brands, exemplifies the global reach achievable through localized expertise.

TBWA, a creative force globally, has left an indelible mark on Vietnam’s advertising landscape, demonstrating the power of disruptive thinking in fostering brand innovation.

AppLabx, the homegrown digital maestro, stands tall as a testament to Vietnam’s digital prowess, offering a myriad of solutions tailored to local and international businesses.

Dentsu Vietnam, with its foreign-owned agency model, showcases the success that comes from understanding the Vietnamese market intricately.

Saatchi & Saatchi Vietnam, embedded in a global advertising powerhouse, positions itself as an incubator for game-changing ideas, breathing life into brands with bold and creative campaigns.

MullenLowe Vietnam, with its challenger mindset, propels brands forward, constantly dissatisfied with the ordinary, and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

The legacy agencies like Ogilvy and BBDO, with their longstanding global influence, continue to wield their expertise in shaping timeless, culturally resonant campaigns.

Ogilvy, a powerhouse since its inception in the UK in 1948, has seamlessly adapted to the digital age, retaining its status as an industry stalwart.

BBDO, with its extensive global network, reinforces its commitment to delivering ‘work that works,’ establishing itself as a go-to for brands seeking impactful and results-oriented campaigns.

The newest entrants like Hakuhodo Digital Vietnam signify the ever-evolving nature of the digital landscape.

Hakuhodo’s strategic planning, deeply rooted in the Sei-katsu-sha philosophy, exemplifies the fusion of global expertise with a localized approach.

Leo Burnett, a global powerhouse, continues to redefine the paradigm of advertising, emphasizing people and purpose over conventional commercial objectives.

In the competitive realm of digital marketing, these agencies stand not just as service providers but as strategic partners, collaborators, and visionaries.

The achievements and accolades earned by these agencies, as highlighted in the individual agency profiles, serve as a testament to their commitment to excellence, innovation, and client success.

As we navigate the intricacies of the digital marketing landscape in Vietnam for 2024, it is evident that these top 10 agencies are not just keeping pace with industry trends; they are setting them.

The collaboration of international expertise with local insights, the infusion of creativity with technology, and the constant pursuit of excellence collectively paint a vivid picture of Vietnam’s digital marketing prowess.

In the years ahead, we can anticipate the continued evolution of these agencies, fueled by a commitment to staying ahead of the curve, embracing emerging technologies, and adapting strategies to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses in the digital era.

The vibrant tapestry of Vietnam’s digital marketing landscape is undoubtedly richer, more diverse, and more innovative due to the indomitable spirit and expertise of these top 10 agencies.

For businesses seeking a digital marketing partner in Vietnam, the array of choices presented in this comprehensive guide provides a roadmap to navigate the ever-expanding possibilities and avenues for success.

Whether it’s leveraging influencer marketing, adopting disruptive strategies, or harnessing the power of data-driven insights, these agencies embody the essence of what it means to be at the forefront of digital marketing in Vietnam.

In conclusion, the future of digital marketing in Vietnam is not just promising; it is dynamic, transformative, and driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence exemplified by these top 10 agencies.

As we embrace the digital era, these agencies serve as beacons, guiding brands toward unprecedented heights and ensuring that the landscape of digital marketing in Vietnam remains vibrant, innovative, and ever-evolving.

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People also ask

Who are the Big 6 digital marketing agencies in Vietnam?

The Big 6 digital marketing agencies in Vietnam include AJ Marketing, TBWA, AppLabx, Dentsu, Saatchi & Saatchi, and MullenLowe. These industry leaders excel in diverse services, from influencer marketing to creative campaigns, shaping the forefront of digital marketing in Vietnam.

Which company has the best digital marketing in Vietnam?

Determining the single best digital marketing company in Vietnam is subjective, as different companies excel in various aspects. Notable contenders include AJ Marketing, TBWA, AppLabx, Dentsu, Saatchi & Saatchi, and MullenLowe, each renowned for their unique strengths in the dynamic Vietnamese market.

How do I hire a digital marketing agency in Vietnam?

To hire a digital marketing agency in Vietnam, define your goals, research agencies with expertise in your industry, review case studies, and request proposals. Assess their services, team, and past performance. Finally, communicate clearly and choose an agency aligned with your business objectives.