Key Takeaways

  • Access Diverse Visuals: Explore the Top 8 Free Stock Video Websites to unlock a diverse collection of high-quality footage for your creative projects.
  • Cost-effective Creativity: Elevate your content without breaking the bank – these platforms offer an array of visuals for both personal and commercial use at no cost.
  • Streamlined Selection: Navigate through curated collections on Pixabay, Coverr, Vidsplay, Videezy, Pexels, Videvo, Splitshire, and Dareful for seamless integration of captivating stock videos.

In the dynamic realm of digital content creation, the demand for high-quality stock videos has surged exponentially.

Whether you’re a seasoned videographer, a budding filmmaker, or a savvy content creator, having access to a diverse array of compelling footage is crucial for bringing your creative visions to life.

However, with the multitude of options available, finding top-notch stock videos without breaking the bank can be a daunting task.

Free stock videos and their key insights behind

Fear not, as this comprehensive guide is tailored to navigate you through the digital landscape and unveil the “Top 8 Best Free Stock Video Websites for Great Footage.”

We understand that in the world of visuals, the right footage can elevate your project from mundane to extraordinary.

As we embark on this exploration, we’ll not only introduce you to the cream of the crop in terms of free stock video repositories but also equip you with insights into the key criteria for selecting the perfect platform to meet your unique creative needs.

Why are free stock videos a game-changer, you may ask?

Well, for starters, they offer a cost-effective solution for creators working within tight budgets.

Imagine having access to a treasure trove of cinematic shots, breathtaking landscapes, and captivating moments without spending a dime.

These free resources not only save you money but also empower you to experiment with diverse visual styles and enhance the overall production value of your content.

But it’s not just about the financial benefits. Free stock videos provide unparalleled convenience, saving you the time and effort required for shooting custom footage.

Whether you’re working on a marketing campaign, a social media post, or a personal project, these platforms offer an extensive library of videos that cater to a myriad of themes and moods.

How to choose an appropriate free stock video website?

As we delve deeper into this guide, we’ll shed light on the specific criteria you should consider when selecting a free stock video website.

Video quality and resolution, licensing and usage restrictions, and user-friendly interfaces are just a few of the factors that will be demystified to ensure you make informed choices.

After all, it’s not just about accessing free videos; it’s about accessing the right videos for your unique projects.

The 8 Best Free Stock Video Websites

Each website will be meticulously dissected, providing you with an overview, key features, and a glimpse into the diverse video categories they offer.

This insider’s guide aims to arm you with the knowledge needed to navigate these platforms seamlessly, allowing you to unlock a world of visual possibilities.

So, buckle up and get ready for a deep dive into the world of free stock videos. The cinematic journey begins now, and the possibilities are as vast as your imagination.

But, before we venture further, we like to share who we are and what we do.

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Top 8 Best Free Stock Video Websites for Great Footage

  1. Pixabay
  2. Coverr
  3. Vidsplay
  4. Videezy
  5. Pexels
  6. Videvo
  7. SplitShire
  8. Dareful

1. Pixabay



Boasting an extensive repository of creative assets, Pixabay stands as a digital haven, offering an impressive collection of over 4.2 million images and videos, all governed by the user-friendly Pixabay License.

The unique facet of this license lies in its simplicity, providing users with the liberty to employ the content for a spectrum of purposes, both commercial and non-commercial, across print and digital mediums.

However, an astute user will discern nuanced guidelines within certain downloads, expressly elucidating the boundaries of use.


Remarkably, Pixabay obviates the need for cumbersome permissions or attribution to the original artist. While one may freely utilize or modify the content, adhering to the best practice of crediting the owner is recommended, though not obligatory.

Distinguishing itself in the realm of stock footage, Pixabay showcases a caliber of content characterized by high quality, with users afforded the luxury of opting for either HD or 4K downloads based on their project requirements.


A noteworthy feature enhancing user experience is the ability to preview videos effortlessly through a mere hover over the selected thumbnail.

However, a discerning eye is warranted, as the platform incorporates ‘Sponsored Videos,’ redirecting users to Shutterstock, a stock video site not aligned with the gratis ethos of Pixabay.

Thus, while perusing Pixabay’s rich offerings, an awareness of this redirection mechanism becomes paramount for users intent on maintaining the confines of free resource utilization.

2. Coverr



Coverr is conceived by enterprising individuals and filmmakers initially seeking aesthetically pleasing video content for their products.

It was established with the explicit purpose of addressing a similar requirement for emerging brands – a philanthropic gesture to the global creative community, so to speak.


An extensive library

Presently, the platform boasts an extensive library comprising thousands of free videos, collectively amassing over five million downloads.

Each video, meticulously curated for quality, is presented in high definition and can be conveniently acquired in the widely compatible MP4 format.

A remarkable level of specificity

What distinguishes Coverr lies not only in the sheer volume of its offerings but also in the meticulous organization of its video clips.

The categorization system exhibits a remarkable level of specificity, providing a source of invaluable inspiration for marketers navigating the sometimes nebulous realm of content selection.

Beyond the top navigation bar, a scroll down the interface unravels an array of thematic ‘collections,’ strategically designed to guide users toward the ideal clip for their distinctive projects.

The integration into visual storytelling

Dispensing with the need for cumbersome sign-ups and eschewing attribution requirements, Coverr positions itself as a haven for immediate, unencumbered access to free video footage.

This liberating accessibility extends to both commercial and personal projects, empowering users to freely copy, modify, and adapt the content to their creative whims without any encumbrances.

In essence, Coverr emerges not merely as a repository of videos but as a tailored resource facilitating seamless integration into the multifaceted landscape of contemporary visual storytelling.

3. Vidsplay



Within the Vidsplay repository, a fresh infusion of new videos occurs at regular intervals, rendering it an invaluable resource for those intent on infusing a sense of novelty into their social video content.

This longevity, spanning since its inception in 2010, bestows upon Vidsplay a substantial reservoir of archival content, providing users with a rich tapestry of options to explore and incorporate into their projects.


The distinctive feature of Vidsplay lies in its liberating policy regarding royalties – all videos within the collection are available for download and usage without the burden of financial obligations.

However, a modest prerequisite is the provision of attribution, a nominal gesture in acknowledgment of the content’s origin.

While the quantity of videos may not be overwhelmingly abundant, in an industry saturated with choices, each avenue warrants exploration.

Vidsplay, recognizing the importance of diverse selection, presents users with the option to search for videos either through a categorical approach or by inputting specific keywords.

The immediacy of downloads is juxtaposed against the relatively basic information provided for each video, encompassing details such as duration, resolution, format, and frame rate.

As users navigate this digital treasure trove, the balance between simplicity and utility becomes apparent, ensuring a seamless experience in sourcing and incorporating video content into their creative endeavors.

4. Videezy



Within the expansive repertoire of Videezy lies a copious collection of video clips, generously endowed with royalty-free status, catering to both personal and commercial utilization.

However, a judicious approach demands a perusal of each clip’s specific licensing information, ensuring the compatibility of your chosen footage with your intended use.


The prevailing norm necessitates due credit to when incorporating the footage into your projects, a courteous acknowledgment in exchange for the privilege of using their resources.

Alternatively, for those seeking an unattributed usage experience, the option to purchase credits exists, affording a seamless and unrestricted incorporation of footage into creative endeavors.

Videezy prides itself on presenting users with a diverse array of high-quality video clips, spanning both HD and 4K resolutions.

The discerning searcher is empowered to navigate this rich tapestry of content, and any results adorned with the label “Pro” signify premium clips, accessible exclusively through the acquisition of credits.

This is a distinction that denotes a premium tier within the repository, albeit one that requires a financial commitment.

As users navigate this curated realm, the confluence of choice, attribution considerations, and premium options crystallizes into an intricate yet navigable landscape for those immersed in the pursuit of compelling visual narratives.

5. Pexels



Originating as a photography-centric platform, Pexels has undergone a transformative evolution by augmenting its repertoire to encompass a substantial library of free HD and 4K stock videos.


A community of adept videographers

The backbone of Pexels is a community of adept videographers, diligently contributing free HD stock videos that extend unfettered utility for both personal and commercial applications, obviating the need for attributions.

Under Pexels’ expansive license, both photos and videos become accessible without cost, with the added flexibility of being editable and modifiable without constraint, offering a canvas for creative customization.

Trending free stock videos

For those seeking the zeitgeist of visual content, Pexels curates a daily compendium of “trending free stock videos,” providing a finger on the pulse of the most sought-after visual narratives, ranging from the soothing cadence of braided hair to other engaging snippets.

A huge result with one click

Despite these idiosyncrasies, the allure of Pexels remains unscathed, with its treasure trove of thousands of videos available at the mere click of a button,

This renders it an eminently valuable resource for anyone in pursuit of free stock videos to seamlessly integrate into their creative endeavors.


Yet, a distinctive characteristic surfaces in the form of a ‘home movie’ aesthetic present in some videos, hinting at a less curated selection compared to other platforms.

The navigational experience, too, presents a challenge, necessitating users to traverse various thumbnails before accessing detailed information such as video length and quality on a separate page after clicking.

6. Videvo



Videvo stands as a comprehensive repository, generously offering an expansive collection of free stock video footage, motion graphics, and a symphony of music and sound effects – a testament to the collaborative prowess of its vibrant user community.


A distinguishing facet of Videvo lies in the meticulous curation of its content, undertaken by an in-house team.

This not only assures users of a repository brimming with high-quality content but also imparts a sense of security, ensuring that the acquired material aligns with the standards of safety and excellence requisite for integration into diverse creative projects.

As users traverse the multifaceted offerings of Videvo, the amalgamation of user-generated creativity and the platform’s curation manifests into a dynamic resource catering to the discerning needs of content creators.


Navigating Videvo’s vast expanse of free stock videos is an intuitive experience. The homepage beckons users to either peruse categories listed along the top or seamlessly zero in on their desired content by entering specific keywords.

However, the licensing nuances of the downloaded clips merit attention, with a spectrum of usage restrictions delineated across different licenses. A detailed breakdown of these licenses is available, but in essence:

  • The Videvo Attribution License grants free usage with the stipulation of crediting the original author.
  • Clips sporting a Creative Commons 3.0 license are also free for use, requiring attribution and allowing for remixing or adaptation.
  • Public Domain licenses liberate the content entirely, allowing users unrestricted freedom in their utilization.

7. SplitShire



Conceived by the adept web designer Daniel Nanescu, Splitshire is a unique repository offering a distinctive blend of photos and videos, all generously available for both personal and commercial use.

The exclusivity of this collection stems from the fact that every piece of content is the brainchild of a singular creative mind, setting it apart from the amalgamated offerings of other stock sites.


The hallmark of Splitshire’s video inventory is its primary focus on drone footage, capturing the ethereal beauty of outdoor landscapes. Accessing these videos is a straightforward process – a click on the title beneath each video initiates the download.

While the creative freedom extends to utilization across various social media channels, it’s essential to note the limitations, forbidding the sale or use of the content in projects featuring inappropriate themes such as violence, racism, or discrimination.

Splitshire emerges as an appealing choice for enthusiasts seeking distinctive stock footage. Notably, the abundance of aerial and drone footage enhances its allure.

An added convenience is the hosting of videos on YouTube, facilitating seamless integration into personal content creation endeavors.

In essence, Splitshire beckons as a haven for those in pursuit of captivating and unique stock footage, albeit one where a nuanced exploration may be required to uncover its full spectrum of offerings.


However, navigating the platform reveals certain quirks. The interface, while functional, lacks the finesse of user-friendliness, and the search function’s inability to distinguish between videos and photos poses a potential hurdle.

Given its roots as a hub for royalty-free images, keyword searches may predominantly yield image results, potentially complicating the quest for specific video content.

8. Dareful



Formerly recognized as Stock Footage for Free, Dareful emerges as a distinctive platform offering stock footage, artfully licensed under Creative Commons 4.0.

This liberating license grants users the freedom to share and adapt the content, provided due credit is accorded and any modifications are duly acknowledged.


The entire repository of Dareful is a visual testament to the work of videographer Joel Holland, who, for reasons unbeknownst to us, generously shares his artistry.

As you mull over the enigma of this altruistic contribution, perhaps accompanied by the captivating time-lapse footage of ominous clouds, the allure of Dareful begins to unfold.

For those who demand nothing short of the pinnacle of quality, Dareful stands as an unrivaled option.

Every stock video hosted on Dareful is meticulously shot in 4K resolution, a testament to its commitment to excellence, and, remarkably, they are all available without cost.

The usage freedom extends to a carte blanche for incorporating these videos into your projects, with attribution being the sole stipulation.

While the current library size may be relatively modest, Dareful compensates with a promise of continuous expansion as new videos are consistently added.

The only caveat for prospective users is the requisite sign-up procedure, an uncomplicated and cost-free process with no demands for credit card information.

This minor formality ensures access to a growing treasure trove of high-quality, 4K stock videos, making Dareful a compelling option for those who value both substance and style in their creative pursuits.


In the vast and dynamic realm of content creation, the quest for high-quality stock videos that seamlessly fuse creativity with cost-effectiveness has led us through a comprehensive exploration of the “Top 8 Best Free Stock Video Websites for Great Footage.”

These platforms, each a unique treasure trove of visual narratives, collectively redefine the landscape for creators seeking compelling footage without financial constraints.


Pixabay, an expansive ecosystem, stands as a beacon of accessibility.

Its simplified Pixabay License liberates users to employ content freely for diverse purposes, supported by a robust community that continually enriches the platform.


Coverr, born from the entrepreneurial spirit of individuals needing aesthetically pleasing videos, has evolved into a gift to the creative world.

A distinctive feature lies in its singular creator approach, offering a unique touch to each video. The platform is a testament to the diversity of stock footage, boasting a curated collection of drone footage and thematic categorizations.


Vidsplay, with its regular infusion of new videos, emerges as a dynamic resource for keeping social video content refreshingly novel.

While the interface might be less polished, the platform compensates with a wealth of archival content since 2010, enhancing its appeal as a repository of choice.


Videezy, another pivotal player in this symphony of visual creativity, crafts its identity through a community-driven model.

Its extensive library of high-quality videos, motion graphics, music, and sound effects manifests as a collaborative tapestry, providing creators with a holistic resource for immersive storytelling.


Pexels, originating as a photography-centric platform, has seamlessly expanded its repertoire to offer an extensive library of free HD and 4K stock videos.

The collaborative efforts of a community of videographers contribute to the unique charm of this platform, underscoring the diversity of its offerings.


Videvo, with its multifaceted repository, harmonizes thousands of free stock videos, motion graphics, music, and sound effects. Its unique licensing nuances, coupled with a meticulous curation process, position it as a reliable source of high-quality and diverse visual content.


Splitshire, a brainchild of web designer Daniel Nanescu, presents an exclusive blend of photos and videos, each emanating from a singular creative mind.

Despite certain navigational quirks, it stands as a niche repository offering distinctive content, particularly aerial and drone footage.


Dareful, formerly known as Stock Footage for Free, captures attention with its commitment to 4K excellence.

Every video, a testament to the craftsmanship of videographer Joel Holland, is generously shared under a Creative Commons 4.0 license, promising quality and creative freedom.

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How can I get free stock footage?

Explore platforms like Pixabay and Pexels, offering high-quality videos for personal or commercial use. Browse diverse categories, download HD/4K clips, and enhance your creative projects without spending a dime. Elevate your content effortlessly.

What website has free videos?

Numerous websites offer free videos, including Pixabay, Pexels, and Videezy. These platforms provide an extensive range of high-quality, royalty-free footage for personal and commercial use, making them ideal resources for content creators seeking cost-effective visual assets.

Is Vimeo stock footage free?

Vimeo offers both free and paid stock footage options. While some videos are free to download, others may require payment. Vimeo’s diverse library caters to various budgets and project requirements, providing a valuable resource for filmmakers and content creators.